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The Judge's New Clothes

September 2, 2010 permalink

This story appears here only because it has spread through the blogosphere as an example of depravity in family courts. Winnipeg judge Lori Douglas had nude photographs of herself posted to a lewd interracial dating site by her husband Jack King. Mr King tried to peddle his wife to a black client, Alexander Chapman, but Mr Chapman balked. The offer of sexual services did not come from Douglas, but from King.

From what has been published so far, judge Douglas appears to be the victim in this scandal. The days are long gone when the only way to get nude photos was to pose before a photographer. With today's micro devices, nude photos can be made by anyone with access to a person's private space. Most often, it is families that are victimized by judges in this circumstance. When a nude photo is found, the family is busted for prostitution, sexual abuse or child pornography. In this ironic case, a judge is getting the same treatment. It is time to recognize that posting nude photos of X does not necessarily mean X posed for them, or consented to their use.



Judge in sex scandal

Lawyer ‘tortured me’ to have relations with wife: client

Lori Douglas
Complaints have been filed against Madam Justice Lori Douglas and her husband Jack King. (WINNIPEG SUN FILES)

Editor’s note: The following story contains graphic details of a sexual nature.

A prominent Winnipeg judge and her lawyer husband are at the centre of a lurid interracial sex scandal, accused of harassing a client to have sex with her.

“It made me sick to my stomach, like I’m living in a country with no integrity,” Alex Chapman said Tuesday.

Chapman says he was going through a messy divorce in April 2003 when his lawyer Jack King started pressuring him to have sex with his wife, Lori Douglas.

At the time, both King and Douglas were lawyers with Thompson, Dorfman, Sweatman. Today, Douglas is an associate chief judge in the family division of the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Chapman alleges King broached the subject over lunch, urging Chapman to visit a website called, a site devoted to linking up white women with black men for sex.

“Over the next month, he tortured me to visit the website and have sex with his wife,” Chapman said.

Chapman said King took advantage of his weakened psychological state. At the time, he said he was having immigration troubles, was the victim of identity theft and had an ailing father in Trinidad.

“I was scared he would botch my case,” Chapman said. “I played along. I didn’t have money to pay another lawyer.”

An ad posted on at the time and purported to have been written by King reads: “Make her a slut for total black domination, from public display to large group f---ed by gangs of young black men.”

The ad featured several nude pictures of Douglas.

King e-mailed him numerous nude pictures of Douglas, including domination poses and sex toys and oral sex acts, Chapman said.

Chapman said he met King and Douglas a number of times for lunch, during which King purposely left the two alone.

An e-mail dated May 27, 2003, purported to be written by King, reads: “Alex, I think she certainly likes you ... What do you think of the pics?”

Chapman said he put King off until the conclusion of his divorce case, then hired a lawyer “to make him go away.”

Chapman was paid $25,000 and signed a confidentiality agreement which included a promise to destroy all correspondence and pictures he received from King.

But Chapman didn’t destroy the pictures and e-mails and in July filed a complaint with the Manitoba Law Society and Canadian Judicial Council.

“I was living in fear for seven years,” said Chapman, who continues to see a psychologist. “It’s important that this matter never happen to anyone else. I want closure. This should never have happened.”

King is no longer with Thompson Dorfman Sweatman. The firm later sent a letter to Chapman, informing him it was now a limited liability partnership and not financially responsible for the misdeeds of its individual members.

Chapman said Douglas should step down from the bench.

“She should not be a judge,” he said. “She has no integrity at all. She was a partner in the law firm.”

Chapman said the couple treated him like a stereotype — good only for sex and sports.

“We don’t have brains to them,” he said.

Source: Winnipeg Sun

Manitoba judge in scandal steps aside

Lori Douglas
Lori Douglas was appointed a judge in 2005.

A Manitoba family court judge involved in a scandal over nude photos of her that appeared online has requested to be temporarily relieved of her duties as a sitting justice of Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench.

Queen's Bench Justice Marc Monnin said Wednesday that Lori Douglas, an associate chief justice, will "remain in her position in an administrative capacity" as the Canadian Judicial Council investigates a complaint against her.

Douglas requested to be relieved "in the interests of the judiciary and of the court," Monnin said in an emailed statement.

Winnipegger Alexander Chapman, 44, made a complaint to the judicial council in July.

Chapman alleges that Douglas's husband, Winnipeg lawyer Jack King, 64, harassed him in 2003 by pressing him to have sex with Douglas, who was also a lawyer at the time.

Douglas was appointed a judge of the Court of Queen's Bench (family division) on May 19, 2005. She was appointed as an Associate Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench (family division) on May 14, 2009, which mean she also became a member of the Canadian Judicial Council, an agency that sets policies for the federal judicial system.

Douglas has declined to comment, saying it's a private matter.

The executive director of the judicial council said Wednesday it would take about three months to complete an investigation into Chapman's allegations.

The complaint will be investigated by a chief justice from outside Manitoba, Sabourin said, but if it's deemed serious enough, it could be heard at a public inquiry.

"The inquiry would hear witnesses, review all the scope of the allegations against the judge and would determine if it's a matter that warrants a judge's removal," said Normand Sabourin.

"The test for removal is whether or not a judge has the confidence of the public to discharge the duties of their office … so that is the ultimate test," he said.

A federally appointed judge can only be removed upon order of Parliament.

Complainant seeks $67M

Chapman has made a separate complaint to the Manitoba Law Society about King's alleged conduct.

Alexander Chapman
Alexander Chapman has launched three lawsuits seeking $67 million in damages.

On Wednesday, Chapman filed separate lawsuits against King for $10 million and against Douglas for $7 million. He is also suing the law firm Thompson Dorfman Sweatman, where the couple used to work, for $50 million.

He told CBC News on Wednesday that he couldn't live with what he says happened any longer.

"I'm standing here at the courthouse and I'm very nervous … I've been like this for seven years," he said.

"I just want people to know that this happened to me and it was real for me."

He said he was relieved to have his story out in the open.

Source: CBC

Here is a photograph purported to be of Lori Douglas. There is no way to verify its authenticity.



Lori Douglas

Source: Pumps Mag

Addendum: From a reliable website, these photographs are almost certainly authentic. [1] [2] [3] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Source: Above the Law
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Addendum: The pictures of Lori Douglas were removed on June 12, 2012. For the circumstances, refer to Unfit Judge.