This webpage appeared originally at To preempt CAS efforts to get it off the web, we have made this local copy. We have edited the html, but not the text. All links on the original page when copied were inactive or to stubs. Later developments publicly disclosed the names of the mother, Cathy Norris, and the children, Tyson and Cole Norris.

Speak out against corruption. Hold them accountable.

The Kingston Children's Aid Society is Corrupt. Cornfield

Hi my name is T. I have run away from the Kingston children’s Aid Society now 8 times. At the last update it was 7 times. But while Kelly DeWolfe had my mom sit in court she surrounded my house with four cruisers and a battering ram. They tried to break into my windows and doors. I had to surrender or my dogs could have been shot. Since the reason for removing my brother and I from our home in the first place was ridiculous allegations from an unqualified worker. I don’t know why they would think this would get me to like them any better. I stayed there 10 hours before jumping bare foot from the window and escaping again. (See NEW PAGE- Court, escape, UPDATE)

I am not going back. I want to tell you what they are really like. What they have done to me and my family. Forget about all their mandates they are supposed to follow, and forget about them helping families. They just destroyed mine. Those advertisements they use to get people to call them saying give a kid a voice, Forget it. They don’t give you one. That’s why I am opening up this site. You wont believe the corruption, the lies and the destruction they do to families.

First I’ll say that my brother and I did not want to be removed from our home. We were happy there. We never said we had any problems. We have been torn apart. I have lost this whole year of school and my brother is now in a depression. They have tried to have my mom thrown in jail and take our house because I don’t want to be in their institution. They put us to live in group homes with alarms on the doors and windows. We are not allowed to use the phone or talk to each other. My brother was not even allowed to write letters to our mom. My mom was not allowed to give my brother a candy cane and present before Christmas.

They removed my brother and I under false allegations. It was all lies. I had to sit in court and listen to the false allegations of why we were being removed. My brother wasn’t there. What’s worse is they knew that the allegations were false before they used it in court. Yes I can prove it. My mom tape recorded the conversation and told them about it before court. They used it anyway, then took it out of the transcripts. What the Children’s Aid did to me then was prevent me from going to court again and to stop me from speaking to my own brother. This I think so I couldn’t tell him what happened in court so he wouldn’t know the lies. I was completely separated from my brother and had to have a worker listen on the phone and warn me not to talk about court. I was not allowed to see or talk to my own brother.

Forget about them saying kids get there own lawyer. We don’t. They just hire someone else to be on their side. Both my brother and I have tried to fire her many times. She does not represent us. Not only would Lili Kramil Marcus not even tell me when court was coming up that concerned me, this against my rights they say you have, she decided she didn’t even have to talk to me first to ask me what happened or what I wanted. She did that and ended up giving the court more false information that was later proven wrong, and that caused the court to cruelly sever me from my mom even more. It was then I decided I had enough of this, I will get no justice and no voice there. I will not go back.

On this site I will have a lot of video and audio tapes to prove what I say. We have caught them lying so many times. The courts don’t care. The judges have even used it against my mom that she ‘thinks’ the children’s Aid workers have lied and she ‘thinks‘ she has it on tape. They have no interest that it actually is. The judges don’t look at it and allow the workers to take vengeance and lie even more. You wont believe this shit.

Look at my photo album. (defunct link)

This advertisement from the CAS is false. They do not give a child a voice. They take it. This is verified by letters and affidavits that will be posted.

CAS poster

This is the reality of the Children's Aid Society.

C was not allowed to write and send letters. Not even to his own mother. This against the children’s bill of rights.

The children cannot get letters that are not read by the Children’s Aid. Letter’s are deemed unacceptable for such things as asking the children to write so you know how they are doing. They also banned a letter because I gave C the phone number for his brother T so they could stay in touch. So basically all letter’s can be banned. I will post the banned letter’s under Kelly DeWolfe’s page.

The child will not be able to receive gifts or candy canes before Christmas. See under Kelly DeWolfe’s page.

The child will not be told anyone has been trying to give them gifts or letters. The child will be left to feel abandoned. Also under Kelly DeWolfe’s page.

All telephone calls will be monitored. The child will be isolated from all their friends and everyone they have ever known.

Children can be separated and be banned from communicating with their own sibling. This even if they were best of friends. No reason has to be given.

These two brother’s, T and C, went from being best of friends to not being allowed to talk to each other without a CAS worker listening on the phone. The worker, Kelly DeWolfe, told the brother’s what they were allowed to talk about. They were instructed on what was acceptable and what wasn‘t. If she decided she did not like what they were saying she would end the call. They were not allowed to talk about court or that they do not like the Children’s Aid society.

The CAS will monitor and listen to phone calls between the parent and child. If the child says they want to come home, the parent is not allowed to say they want them home or are trying to get them home. The call will be severed. The child is left to feel abandoned.

C was told by CAS worker Andrew Bucknall that if he wanted to write a letter it had to go threw his lawyer.

The child will not be able to fire their lawyer.

Their lawyer does not have to speak to the child before going to court to speak for the child. The lawyer does not have to be accountable for giving false information to the court because she did not speak to the child. The child will not be allowed to hear what their lawyer said about them in court. There by preventing the child from knowing about or complaining about what their lawyer said. But then the child cannot write a letter that does not go threw their lawyer anyway.

If a child tries to smuggle out a letter in desperation, threatening to go on a hunger strike if they are not returned home. The CAS will take measures to stop the child from smuggling out letters.

All visits will be conducted in a little room with a big mirror with workers watching on the other side. This is done even if a person has never been accused nor suspected of beating the children, where there was no verbal abuse or sexual abuse. This is done with no explanation.

In that little room the parent will not be allowed to hug their child and whisper in their ear and tell them that they love them. A worker will interrupt to tell them not to whisper. See affidavit and hear the tape in the Kelly DeWolfe link.

All natural loving bonds between parent and child and within siblings will be severed.

Parents and children can be severed any contact under false allegations. Even if you can prove it and you complain about it, the same people you complained about can and will punish you by restricting access to your child. This of course even if it seriously hurts the child.

If a child or parent brakes down and cries over this injustice or gets angry their visits will be further restricted until they show no emotion and no connection at all.

In the CAS, children have no rights, NO PRIVACY, NO VOICE and NO HOPE.