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Owen Sound Meeting

November 23, 2009 permalink

A meeting was held in Owen Sound to voice problems with children's aid.

In October the Owen Sound Free Press published the story of Mike Eggar's experience with the children's aid society. It disappeared from the internet, and the Free Press had to put it back. It is enclosed below following news of the meeting.

A rally outside Owen Sound Children's Aid is planned for December 10.



CANADA COURT WATCH- Children’s Aid Society Information Meeting In Owen Sound A Success!Protect Your Family With Knowledge! Rally Planned

22 November 2009

Aboriginal woman with sign CAS Caused Pain, This is the cross you made me bare
Rally outside CAS Head Quarters- Aboriginal woman displays her heart breaking story about CAS corruption with a home made sign

Thursday Nov. 19, 2009 in the basement of the Knox United Church in Owen Sound about two dozen people met to hear a community information presentation by Canada Court Watch (CCW). The main focus of discussion focused around how people can protect themselves from the parasitic practices of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS). The presenter Vernon Beck of Oakville, Ontario who has been with CCW since the mid nineties made it very clear from the get go that many actions by CAS societies across Ontario are legitimate– but more often then not the best interests of the children and families affected by their actions and policies are not being protected and many are fraudulent and simply harassing in nature.

This community information meeting was set up by the Citizen’s Accountability Group of Grey Bruce which is affiliated with and the facility was rented out by member Mike Egger. Read Mike Egger’s story see

Mike Egger, Make CAS Accountable
Mike Egger of Owen Sound- Heads up efforts to expose CAS corruption locally

Mike Egger. Mike first approached Owen Sound Free Press (OSFP) in September of 2009 with some serious corruption issues he has with the local Owen Sound CAS. OSFP soon proceeded to publish a summary story of Mike’s CAS case on the web site– which was subsequently removed from that website a few days later without the consent of OSFP– Very Mysterious! OSFP quickly reposted the Mike Egger CAS story and was soon after contacted by Vernon Beck of Canada Court watch who insisted we invite him to Owen Sound to help educate locals on how to protect themselves from CAS tyranny and corruption.

According to Canada Court Watch, “Every year in Ontario thousands of children and families are abused and battered in the family court system. Many families end up losing their homes, their jobs, their future income and their dignity. Often many of these injustices are a result of lies, deceptions and unethical practices used in court proceedings.” CCW also points out that, “During a public speech by Justice Mary Lou Benotto it was poignantly revealed that perjury is rampant in Ontario’s family courts with the perpetrators with very few exceptions getting away with it. In turn immeasurable harm to children and families is the obvious result.”

Doug Schapira
Owen Sound Free Press reporter Doug Schapira at a recent rally outside Owen Sound CAS headquarters

During the presentation at the Knox Church in Owen Sound key points about the CAS were made clear to the public by Mr. Beck who spoke eloquently and in a very concise manner with the aid of an overhead projector. “CAS is comprised of individual private corporations in towns, cities and counties across Ontario. Each individual CAS is a private corporation who’s bottom line is to make money as opposed to looking out for the best interests of children,” stated Beck. CAS receives funding from the Ontario government every time a case file is opened up. It is important to remember that CAS workers are often not your friends as they will often try to trick people into signing contracts with them that ultimately can and will infringe upon your rights and eliminate liabilities for the CAS.

Anonymous recently had all four of her children unjusitifiably taken by Owen Sound CAS

It is important if you are confident that your children are in no danger that you do not allow CAS workers in to your home. Unless CAS has a warrant and are accompanied by police who have such documentation– there is no obligation for you to allow them into your home. You are under no circumstances required to answer any questions by CAS, in fact one lady in the audience insists that CAS workers leave her property and if they don’t she informs that they are in violation of trespass laws and must leave immediately. For more info see or call 416-410-4115– it is interesting to point out that Canada Court Watch is headed by Anglican Arch-Bishop Dorian A Baxter– National Chairman.

According to Vern Beck, “it is unlawful for CAS to go into the schools and question your children.” Beck pointed out in a telephone conversation with OSFP that people who are concerned about CAS being around their children should write a letter to the school administrators, principles and your child’s teacher indicating that if they allow the CAS to contact your children without your permission that you will hold them both criminally and civilly liable for not complying with your wishes. Avoid Voluntary Service Agreements that CAS workers may coax you into signing as they may offer it as an alternative to any action they might initially threaten you with. Buried in the myriad of small print on these documents you essentially will often unknowingly agree that your child is in fact in danger when he or she likely is not. Once you have agreed to this—the CAS has power over you that they otherwise would not have. Much of the power these corrupt officials have over us is established by unwittingly tricking us into signing unscrupulous contracts.

It is important to point out that legitimate concerns over children’s safety and welfare must be allowed to be carried out by the CAS, but unfortunately these cases are the exception as opposed to the norm. Beck pointed out how the average career life expectancy of a CAS worker in Ontario is about two to three years as their conscience usually gets the better of them and they soon quit. Unfortunately there is extreme financial incentive for the CAS to remove children from their homes as that is what apparently generates much of their funding from the Ontario government. According to a copy of an official transcript from proceedings at the Ontario Legislature in 2004 (otherwise known as the Hansard ) Former Minister of Child and Youth Services Marie Bountrogianni stated , “ CAS funding formula is conducive to increased deficits because it is funded on the number of children you take away. Therefore if you if want to hire more staff or do different things you’ve got to take away more kids.” This official record of deliberations in the Ontario Legislature was handed to OSFP personally by a former RCMP officer who is personally concerned about rampant CAS corruption. Just because you are challenging the establishment does not mean your are on the wrong side of justice and ethical principles.

Marie Bountrogianni
Former Ont. Minister of Child & Youth Services pictured serenely with her family- she pointed out officially, "If CAS wants to hire more staff... they will have to take more kids away."

One of the key points that came out of the very informative discussion about CAS is that according to Beck of CCW, “Under The Corporations Act anyone living in an area were a CAS corporation exists can become a member of a the CAS Board of Directors pertaining to that CAS corporation.” According to Beck the cost is no more than $10 and this entitles you to vote on issues pertaining to CAS policy. As a board member you will be entitled to attend all board meetings and the CAS must disclose all names of its board members.” In this case it is possible for a citizen’s coalition of responsible individuals to become the majority of seats on a given CAS board. In other words WE THE PEOPLE can establish democratic initiative to overthrow corrupt CAS hierarchies in favour of instilling CAS policies on a grass roots level that encourage families to stay together and to encourage taking children out of the home as a last resort. WE THE PEOPLE have the power– much of this can only be used once we have the knowledge of its existence.

Owen Sound Free Press was able to make a small presentation at the meeting, all were encouraged to exercise their rights and to become self educated in CAS and family court issues. Do not rely on the government, lawyers and courts to protect you– the system has become inherently corrupt. People are encouraged to tape record any discussions they have with CAS. Beware of lawyers they will take all your money and leave you without your children– it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a lawyer that will honestly serve your best interests in the family court system. The family unit is under official attack and the establishment, the courts and lawyers are at a point were they can only exist if they adopt corruption as their modus operandi. The governing body of all lawyers in Ontario –The Law Society of Upper Canada is a highly corrupt type of secret society– beware!

Please consider becoming active in reforming the CAS and guarding our children’s future– please come to our regular meetings of the Citizen’s Accountability Group of Grey Bruce– Contact 519-379-9105 or osfreepress@gmail for more info—For the love of Children– Doug Schapira


All are welcome and encouraged to attend a rally in front of CAS headquarters on Thursday Dec. 10 from 8am until 4pm rain, snow or shine!

Come for an hour, come at lunch- bring a banner -bring a flag- bring your love

contact 519–379-9105 for more info- for our children!

Source: Owen Sound Free Press
Dufferin VOCA changed one name to anonymous to protect a parent from CAS

Dufferin VOCA does not concur that CAS is FASCIST. The Queen of England is not evil, CAS merely commits evil in her name.

7 October 2009

The Following story has been removed from the Owen Sound Free Press website -Please paste it to your site, send it to your email friends, pass it on. I have posted all kinds of stuff that exposes the New World Order and nothing happens, one story on the CAS and it gets taken down- we are likely dealing with some real fascists here!

Hastings CAS rally
Please bring a banner and or a copy of your CAS issue to the rally at the Owen Sound CAS building on Thurday Oct. 22 from 8am to 2pm

Children’s Aid Society –A Private Corporation-The Untouchables & The Mike Egger Story-

A true travesty exists in our society, the fact that our children are used as a commodity by a fully private institution called the Children’s Aid Society (CAS). Brazenly above the law, non-observant of police authority and able to evade scrutiny from our elected officials the CAS epitomizes FASCISM in the truest sense of the word, the integration of the private sector with that of government and furthermore holding no accountability to the public as they are privately owned.

It is important to recognize that the CAS often does not rescue children legitimately from abusive homes. It is also important to point that many organizations have a benevolent façade while they main goal is their bottom line– to make money. According a former police officer, who’s name Owen Sound Free Press (OSFP) will not disclose, “About two years ago the CAS was receiving close to $2000 per child to remove him or her from their home and close to $6000 to place that child in a foster home.” It was further clarified to OSFP by my former RCMP friend that the provincial government of Ontario has simply told CAS to, “Remove more children from the home and place more of them in foster care,” in response to their requests for increased funding. CAS, and its mandate to remove children from their homes complies with the United Nations doctrine to eliminate the family unit and declare it, “Unsustainable!” (re: UN International Convention on Bio-diversity & Agenda 21)

The other side of the coin is that, in my own experience and in that of many others- CAS often fails to remove children from danger often resulting in preventable abuse, malnutrition and even death. According to Angel Femia, a columnist with Toronto Street News, advocate for the affairs of the homeless and assistant to those who are victims of CAS abuse, “My second cousin Jeffrey Baldwin was starved to death in his home and CAS who had been visiting the home regularly prior to his death did nothing to prevent it.” This well publicized story from 2006 was not properly investigated Ms. Femia insists, “CAS simply refused to answer any questions police had about the issue.” Ms. Femia feels that about 35% of CAS workers are genuinely concerned about the welfare of children and inversely many times the CAS will attack a parent who is concerned about their usually estranged spouse who may be abusing a child. I can concur with much of what Angel is saying, and of course the New World Order seeks to create division and conflict amongst people, there seems to be none so pervasive as the overwhelming air of conflict and contempt that either gender seems to have for the other in many instances in the city of Owen Sound. For more info on Angel Femia see

In September of 2009 OSFP contacted a gentleman in Owen Sound at the behest of Paul Johnstone who ran in the 2007 provincial election for the riding of Grey Bruce Owen Sound (NDP)—Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) The man in question is a middle aged Owen Sound man by the name of Mike Egger who felt it was important to share his experiences with CAS with the community. Mike had sent a letter to the Owen Sound Sun Times about his CAS issue, but not surprisingly it was not printed. In fact I doubt you will ever see any stories critical of the CAS in our local media. I would really like to know who owns the corporate shares in the CAS in Owen Sound? If anyone knows please contact OSFP, these people need to answer some questions and need to be held accountable for their questionable practices. Nobody wants to deal with CAS, it’s like they are immune from any scrutiny, accountability and indeed civil and criminal liability, this must end!

Mike explained to OSFP how the Owen Sound CAS removed his six month old baby boy Nicholas from his mother’s custody in 2001. CAS insists that Mike Egger suffers from mental illness including schizophrenia. Mr. Egger has kept clear and concise records on his experiences with CAS since 2001. Recorded phone calls, copies of letters and even a letter to the Premier of Ontario, Dalton Mcguinty. Much of these records have been reviewed by OSFP and definitely back up his concerns about CAS and their contempt, abusive treatment of Mr. Egger and their corrupt policies.

Mike Egger has serious issues with Owen Sound CAS and the declaration by them of him being mentally ill and in particular their assertion that he is suffering from schizophrenia. Mr Egger was assessed by Dr. Winston Gormandy at the Owen Sound Hospital on August 18, 2009. Dr. Gomandy who is a psychiatrist openly points out in his assessment of Mike Egger that, “He sees no major evidence of mental illness.” In fact according to Egger, Dr. Gormandy is in the process of submitting documentation from as far back as the year 2000 clearing Mike of any connection to any mental illness.

On Friday October 2, 2009 Michael Egger of Owen Sound successfully filed charges against Charmaine Pette a case worker with Owen Sound CAS. With the blessings of the Justice of the Peace at Owen Sound Provincial Court Ms. Pette will have to answer to charges of perjury, slander and harassment with regards to her falsified written statements to the courts declaring Mike Egger a “Schizophrenic” Owen Sound CAS claims that this statement was a typographic error according to Egger.

Mike Egger has not seen his young son Nicholas since just before he was made a “Ward of the Crown” A hideous term which literally means a child is now the property of the Evil Queen Of England, how we as Canadians continue to accept the monarchy is beyond my scope of comprehension. Egger admits to once being a heavy consumer of alcohol, but has been dry for the last four years.

CAS has reported to Mr. Egger that his son Nicholas is in good hands, and has given him pictures of his son at his foster home. Interestingly enough the Owen Sound CAS has somehow submitted personal records from approximately 30 other children who have been placed into the same family’s foster care as Nicholas. OSFP has been given access to those files to confirm that this is true, the names of the children, where they live and other information will not be published under any circumstances. This may be grounds for a criminal negligence enquiry into the Owen Sound CAS. Mr. Egger displayed a copy of a letter from CAS that he was asked to sign requesting that he remain silent on his case in the community, he refused to sign! Good for him!

Mike Egger has written numerous letters to the Ontario Ministry of Child and Family Services, which only has a monitoring role in the affairs of the CAS and can not get involved in the internal affairs of the CAS. The CAS is self-regulating and investigations resulting from allegations of misconduct against them are handled internally. That’s like asking three foxes to be responsible to ensure the best interests of the hens in the barn that a farmer has delegated them to guard, in a barn where the farmer can not enter!

Owen Sound Free Press in conjunction with Mike Egger is making an appeal to the people of Owen Sound to come forth and publicize their concerns regarding CAS in the Owen Sound Free Press. We need to unite to expose the evil that exists in the CAS, we must protect our children from their hideous agenda to remove children from their homes to generate profit. Children are not a commodity! Those CAS workers who genuinely care for children and would never remove a child from their home please understand this is not an attack on you, but in turn we ask that you are forth coming and help us keep children with their parents and help us expose the corruption and evil prevalent with the CAS.

Those interested in creating a CAS ACTION GROUP in Owen Sound contact Mike Egger at 519-376-3513 or email him at or contact Owen Sound Free Press at 519-379-9105 or -

- For The Love Of Our Children, Doug Schapira

Source: Owen Sound Free Press